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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Smiley O Lovely

You know why I like Skype very much? Its because it has so many lovely smileys. Same is the reason why i hate Google hangouts. The take-over of Skype by Microsoft triggered an overhauling of the smileys. Some of my favourite smileys are now removed or modified that now i dislike them. But still there are a lot of smileys which i enjoy. See the list of smileys in Skype given below.

And you know which is my favourite smiley??? Its. The code for the smiley in skype is (smirk). Also try (monkey) in skype.

I was thinking how would i use an instant messenger without smileys. I use smileys extensively to express myself. :-) , :-( , :-D , (happy) , (rock) , (yawn) , (envy) , (nod) , (shake) , (y) , (beer) , (headbang) , (mooning) , (rock) , (heidy).... And even sometimes i become very sad that i dont have a smiley in skype to express something. Come on Microsoft.... We need more smileys... :-)

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