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Buying TV in Bangkok

Myself and my colleague were assigned a project in Thailand from the starting of this year. I was supposed to discuss the requirements wit...

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Buying TV in Bangkok

Myself and my colleague were assigned a project in Thailand from the starting of this year. I was supposed to discuss the requirements with customer, freeze it and conduct the acceptance test. Upon acceptance, my colleague was to take over the project further to execution phase and closure. By June, the requirements were almost clear and we were ready with the acceptance test procedures. I decided to involve my colleague also during the acceptance testing as a handover process.

It was a time when all persons traveling back to India from Thailand used to bring back a TV as it is one single item available there with big price difference compared to that in India. Compared to the prices in India we could get price difference from 4K to 12K on TV models ranging from 32" to 42". Further Thailand offers a VAT refund of 7% for tourists which further adds to the reason to purchase a TV from Bangkok. During my trips I had brought a total of 4 nos of TVs from Bangkok in four different trips. All four for my friends. Their requirements were different. The models brought were 

1) Toshiba 32PS200T
2) Sony 40EX320
3) Samsung 40EH5000R
4) Samsung 32F5000ARX

In my first trip I had bought the TV from a well known electronic goods retailer in Bangkok - Power Buy in Central Plaza at PhraRam9. I should say that this was the place where I found cheaper price compared to other malls and branded retailer groups in Bangkok. But in my second visit, I had lot of time to explore Bangkok and went many local tourist places and markets. That was when I came to visit Indra Square in Pratunam Market near the Platinum Mall. There are many shops close-by; many specifically targeting Indians. Some are even run by Indians settled in Bangkok. The prices are well below what is offered in malls. In a shop inside Indra square, at a time minimum 10 people (Indians ofcourse) were paying the bills for the TV they purchased. So just imagine the amount of business they have.

My colleague arrived in Bangkok for the first time in the month of June. He had a wish to buy a TV for himself. So I took him to Indra Market to look for TV. I also had to buy TV for my another friend(the 4th TV). I did my purchase that day itself. But he couldn't decide on what model he wanted to buy till the end of his stay in Bangkok. The prices were so attractive that he wanted a very good TV now. Also this time the credit limit in his credit card almost finished; so he decided to buy during his next travel. Cos of that I requested him to take back the TV for my friend as my flight was to Cochin and my friend was located in Bangalore to where my colleague had return flight.

In July also, my colleague couldn't buy his TV. Despite my assurances on Indra Market as the cheapest place for TV, he tried to check out prices in other places in Bangkok during the short time he had in Bangkok and finally couldn't buy. During his trip in August he had already decided on the model he wanted to buy. But this time we had hell lot of work and finally he got time only on the last day. But how he would transport the TV from Indra Market to Airport. I actually got my customers there to help me transport it in their car to my apartment during the weekends for all my 4 TVs. But that day unfortunately (for him) was a working day and when my colleague checked out with my customer, he was not free. I advised him to hire a taxi and bring it; which he refused to do telling that he have to come back  to Bangkok again next week. We reached back together in India and after two days the below news came in newspaper. Such a bad luck for my colleague. He is travelling again only after August 26.

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