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Saturday, October 16, 2010

The girl who wanted to put on her weight

This post is about one of my friend.

She was very lean. Not so lean that she looked weird. Somewhat ok ok. She used to show her hands to me and tell - "Look how lean i am... There is only skin above my bones :-(". When she raised this issue in front of me i always used to tell her that girls look good and attractive when lean. And i assured her every time that she looked fine. Its not like she felt like that. Her family, colleagues and other people she met used to tell her that and she felt she should gain some weight. So she started trying for it.

As a first step, she made some changes in her diet. She started eating dry fruits and drinking milk but with no results. Added to that she increased her amount of normal food and also started eating junk food in intervals. Now this showed some results. But negative. Instead of whole body getting fat, she got fat deposits where fat gets deposited usually in female body. Stomach and buttocks. She was alarmed by this and started fasting on alternate days to control this situation. She could manage to get back to the old state.

She was not ready to give up cos of one failure. She was looking for some way or medicine to become liitle fat. And some of her friends suggested her to have protien powder. So she purchased protien powder product from Amway which was costing around 1800. In four to five months she spent around 10000 and didn't see much advantage. It did some changes but not upto what she expected by spending this much. She gave up that also in sometime.

Finally upon suggestion of her roommate she started going to a gym nearby her house where she had to pay only 500 monthly. She starting working out for more than a hour everyday after reaching back from work. This increased her hunger and blood circulation and she started to see some difference by gaining 1kg in one month. She became very happy with that and continued the same. But for her horror she gradually realised that her body is getting a muscular look that she used to see of women athletes in tv rather than her usual feminine posture. After that she left all her tries to gain her weight.

Now is the paradox. After one year of her married life as of now she has gained around 15kgs without any extra effort and she is trying to decrease her weight by some means. She is trying medicines which are offering to decrease weight such as fat free tablet, real slim oil etc. Even I am surprised. How she managed to gain this much weight???


  1. pls yaar u must not ask such questions, atleast nt in blogs............ ha ha ha............
    Actually u gave d answer too............
    The marriage..........

  2. Da..when i see you next time..i also want you to gain atleast 2kgs..okay..Otherwise..



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