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Friday, July 19, 2013

An emergency landing - The insider story

Recently a Bharat Airlines flight from Bangalore to Heathrow was emergency landed in Dubai Airport as some suspected terrorists tried to break into the cockpit and take control of the flight. Once landed in Dubai commandos stormed the flight and arrested 5 possible terrorists - A couple of Muslims, one Hindu, one Sikh and one British citizen who was a Christian. Investigators told media that all of them were converted to Islam in India and joined Indian Mujahideen. They were said to be continue leading their earlier life to be under cover. Reports said that all were linked and planned the attack at Bangalore a week ago. The reason is not yet identified, but it seems they were targeting to release their friends under the capture of Indian Government.

Now coming to the insider information on the incident. This lady was recently married and was going to her husband who is working in US under H1B visa. Her husband traveled a month after their marriage to work out all the documents required to take her and now she is traveling alone. She was actually supposed to travel in Air India flight to Heathrow and then onward to US. But Air India renowned for their planning and on time departures cancelled the flight to Heathrow due to indefinite delay in the arrival of their flight which should fly to Heathrow. Following lots of heated arguments and a couple of hours of waiting period, they agreed to get some urgent passengers on board Bharat Airlines which was flying to Heathrow. The lady also got a seat as she had to catch a connection flight from Heathrow to US and will miss it if delayed more.

Traveling in rainy season, the flight experienced some turbulence for around one hour during the initial phase of the flight. Seat belt sign was on and the flight attendants didn't come to serve dinner at that time. The lady who were tired of waiting for long time in the airport soon got asleep. And when the dinner was served she didn't wake up. She was sleeping with the blanket around her and the seat belt visible outside which is a signal for the air crew not to disturb. So the dinner was not served for her.

She actually woke up hearing murmurings around her and she found everybody standing in big queues. People were seen so restless and exhausted. She came to understand that these people were standing in queue for an entry to the toilet. There was some problem with the food served and majority in the flight have their stomach upset now. People who already entered the toilet were taking so much of time to come out. People in the queue were standing with one hand on their stomach and in the other hand fingers crossed.

The problem on board actually started when a guy who was in the toilet opened the door after he finished and while coming out again felt bad and tried to re-enter. The person standing first in the queue waiting this guys exit tried to pull him out and there started a fight. The crew members tried to interfere and now the whole flight started swearing at each other. Meanwhile a crew member was assaulted by a traveler as he tried to block the access to the toilets near the cockpit in the business class area. The whole flight were having problem and instead of trying to help the people, the crew tried to put their rules forward that the front toilets are for business class only(only 3-4 people were there in business class).

After some time the situation became critical that people started asking the crew to inform the captain about the medical emergency in the flight and make an emergency landing so that people can get medical attention. But again the chief flight attendant disagreed to do that saying the flight will reach the destination in 3-4 hours. This made the mob furious and those 5 persons mentioned earlier who got arrested rushed towards the cockpit and started banging on the doors. The captain who couldn't get any response from the crew and was unaware of the situation on board now cited an emergency to the nearest airport and asked help to handle the situation thinking its a hijack. Rest is what you read in the first paragraph. One thing I didn't understand is what mistake did those 5 do? Tried to get an emergency landing citing medical emergency? Or is it that they tried to bomb the toilet lol... So this is how you can become an extreme Islamic terrorist.


  1. OMG!! When I read the blog I felt as if I am reading two different stories all together, One dangerous story imagining about plane hijack by five gunmen belongs to Mujahedeen group stabbing, injuring the passengers, breaking the cockpit & taking control of the plane by pointing the gun to commander’s head. Another story about poor passengers struggling to get into the toilets & asking for emergency landing. Most shocking thing is poor passengers with their stomach upset because of airlines poor maintenance turning into dangerous terrorists!!! Shocked by how it ended up….

  2. Btw good imagination.... good to go as a Bollywood movie... ;)


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