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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Romantic Couples

Today i would like to tell something i saw in one of my train journey to Hyderabad.

There were two newly married couples(it seems from their looks. The couples were very young. The girls had lots of jeweleries, and henna put in their hands) sitting around me in the compartment. One seems to be a love marriage and the other seems to be an arranged marriage. I will differentiate them like Couple-I and Couple-II in this post forward. Both the couples were modern in lifestyles and dressings.

The Couple-I seemed somewhat noisy. The guy and girl were never sitting idle. Hearing songs in I-Pod with the stereo speakers one in one ear of each, speaking in mobile with friends and relatives, buying and eating something, joking to each other. It was fun watching them. But the Couple-II were not at all interested in anything. The guy was sleeping almost all the time. Girl sitting dumb looking outside through the window. They seldom talked.

Around the end of the journey the Couple-I was too romantic. The girl was lying on the boys lap. The boy was tickling her and she was pinching him softly. They were laughing and enjoying. The case of Couple-II was like the girl was taking a nap on the shoulders of the guy. Hearing the laughing and noise of Couple-I she got up. She saw the Couple-I boy tickling the girl and the girl pinching him back. She gave a look at her husband with some desire to be admired. She also tried to get his attention by pinching him. But he was not at all interested. Finally she left her desire aside and got satisfied by looking at Couple-I.

I was thinking about myself... What I will really do in such a case? Will I be so openly romantic with my wife like Couple-I? If not can I be romantic when required by my wife as in the case of Couple-II? Waiting for your opinions.


  1. Ithokke, swanthmaayi appolathe soukaryam pole theerumaanichaal pore ?

  2. m sure.,u wil find some or d other way to comfort ur better half regardless of d kind of marriage u get.........
    another thin is u r definitely not tat dumb guy/......

  3. Knowing you.. You'd be like the guy of couple I.. Actually, the real question is whether your better half would be responsive to public affection or would she be like the guy in second couple. :)

  4. Ha HA ha... kalakki. nalla grammer...
    i don like both of them. if i am ter, i ll select couple 1. ten u told husband of couple 2 is sleeping. so i ll tell herto come with us as my lover is modern(modern love. means can also love others..)ten we ll get down at next station. ten enjoy the rest of life in switzerland..


    IIT Delhi

  5. see its not required to express all these in front of others .......i too have seen such cases in trains .....during my travel from bangalore to tvm .One couple was ter,recently married just like the same as u told ...but ter was only one pair ...ot more...but ter behavoir was like the same the guy seems like caring more the gal ......wht i say is these caring and all need nt be expressed in a public place like train ..

  6. Hi

    I dont think there is something wrong... Anyway they are husband and wife. And of course i have seen in Couple-II girls face a desire to get admired. I think the guy is the same always. In public or when they are alone.

  7. The passengers in the train at times would get irritated just bcoz of the behaviour by couple1. i dint not mean anything abt couple 2 ...It all depends on the mentality of these people ......

  8. sir... there should not be a fixed time for romance. Enjoy all the time.


  9. Hey Rafey... Did I tell that there is a fixed time for romance? My story was regarding two newly married couples

  10. First u get married, then romantic and other things will happen itself. Its depends on understanding/mentality/culture b/w couples and their own character/discipline. I guess you will not be like couple-I nor II. I am sure you will enjoy more than couple-I and no body notice u... ;)


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