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Monday, March 8, 2010

What i learned in my B.Tech

These days I am accidentally meeting many of my seniors. I come to know that they were my seniors only when they ask - "Are u from GEC,TCR???". I feel like I have not met them in college. Actually I may not have met them cos I seldom went to classes. In other words I went to college only to get as much attendance to avoid condonation. So some of you may get a doubt - "What about lectures and the topics covered in classes?". Il reply - "Are you joking???". Read on for my explanation

As far as i remember i was regular in classes till my 3rd Semester. I used to be very prompt in class and was relying on lecture notes as a source for study material. And of course this was enough in the first & second semester. The third semester marked the beginning of electronics related classes. And everybody liked digital electronics very much. The subject seemed interesting and classes also were good. We did a lots of study over AND/OR functions, Minterm/Maxterm expansions, Kernaugh maps, Quine-Mcklusky Method, Design of combinational/sequential circuits using gates with the help of these methods and some of TTL/RTL logic. The KERNAUGH MAPS seemed to be the most interesting topic of our lecturer and we were impressed with him till the end of the semester came. The exam was nearby and that was the time when we were giving a look into the syllabus actually. Whatever topics i have explained above that he has covered comprise only one of the four modules we were supposed to study in that semester. The guy didn't cover any part of the other modules which were important in digital electronics linking the semesters forward. Included were latches, flip flops, registers, counters, synchronous circuits, and state machines. This pointed out to the importance of self study in professional colleges and marked an end to my regular attendance in classes. Even though i was not so successful in self study that was the only way left in front of me. So i urge all who are into professional colleges after their schools. Don't expect spoon-feeding as in schools. Even the syllabus to be completely covered in classes. Thank you pals and have a nice day.


  1. hmm.,this is becomin big headache for every student n this is a regular issue in all the colleges..
    in my coll one of d lecturer didn't know the subject which he was teachin n wen ever v ask any doubt he wud say wil clear ur doubt in next class....
    tat next class never came.,nowadays whom so ever scores less in der graduation opt for lecturin.
    to be frank even i was offered a lecturin post.,but i didn't want to spoil some1 else futur to build mine..
    n gud tat u shared d memories......

  2. You forgot the comedy which followed afterwards
    The prof who took us DE and left midway , came back in the next sem to teach some other subject which was related to DE (dont remember ;))
    He was so shocked by our knoweldge in DE that he asked the class mockingly as to who took us DE in our 3rd sem!!! He even forgot that he had taken classes for us :D .

  3. Yes this is the common issue in every college. I think some lecturers don’t even open the syllabus book they just tell things which they know. I am not telling all the lecturers will do the same thing but I think if university removes 80% compulsory attendance rule then the students can attend only the lectures which really help them out and I am sure they can get the better results than what they are getting after wasting their full day in college for the sake of attendance. If not better result at least they can enjoy going to movie instead of attending boring lecture…:D

  4. @Hash

    That i dont remember cos i didnt attend much classes after the third semester. May b i missed the class. And is the subject u pointing out Pulse Electronics???


    I agree upon your point of going for movie. I myself have done it so many times :-P. But i prefer more to stay back at hostel and sleeping.

  5. Gr8 dude .. Still u remember the Digital Electronics syllabus which we learned almost 7 yrs back .. :)

  6. @Chinthu... which means self study helps alot...
    @Rajeev... Good work RD...

  7. sammathichadey..syllabus book ippolum kayyil undo....

  8. Sorry Amal... Text booke kayyil illa. Pinne alle syllabus


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