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Thursday, March 25, 2010

The ChatMaker - Part II - The Train Journey

People who has not read Part I please read it before continuing to Part II

Finally the Sunday came up. My parents and brother were supposed to board train from Calicut and i was suppose to join them from Shornur. Train had a 15minute stop there. I reached Shornur at 5.30PM. The platform was fully crowded with students who want to go to Chennai. After the holidays the students somehow wanted to reach their destination. I stayed near a group of girls who were standing outside the waiting room. You know if you want to time pass, then hear girls gossiping. You wont even notice the time ticking. I felt like 10minutes but it was 6.30PM and the train was already arriving on the platform.

My parents had called and informed that my brother would be standing outside the sleeper compartment to find me. Since I donno in which compartment they are(reservation status after chart preparation was not known to me), i was looking for my brother from S1 to S8 briefly scanning all compartments to check the availability of girls. He found me when i reached in front of S7 compartment(I didn't notice him even though he was standing straight against the door. U know the reasons). I dumped my bag in our seat and looked for mom.

"Where is mom?" - I asked my brother.
"They are in S4" - reply came
"Then wat the hell we are doing here?" - Asked I
"We got it confirmed in S7" - My brother told in a sad voice

S4!!! A bulb suddenly got lighted in my head.

"Wait a min. Il b back". I told my brother as i sprinted to find S4. Outside the S4 compartment i checked the passengers list sticked near the entrance. Scanning from top. My mom and dad got side upper and lower confirmed. 44 & 45. And it was true. Rizwana 20f was there in 33. I entered and found my dad tensed since there was no news from my brother. He was glad to see me. I looked for Rizwana. A girl(a Muslim,should be rizwana) had occupied the window seat in the cubicle next to us. She was talking with another female seemingly 6-7 years elder than her. Definitely not her classmate. Should be her sister or aunt. She(Rizwana) was not wearing a hejab, but dressed well enough in a chudidhar with neck and long hands covering till wrists. The dupatta was used to cover the head with only the face visible. She also wore a pair of shoes. I checked all over and found that 47 & 48 were two students boys traveling to Chennai. I talked with them and swapped our seats with them. I went to S7 with them and came back with my brother. My mom was so excited to be with us during the travel and i was so excited that first time i am meeting somebody whom i chatted with. I was looking at her without taking my eyes from her... Her eyes once met mine and she looked away outside the windows. She would have thought - "Thonnyaasi... Embokki... Nokkana notam kandille"(Sorry non-keralites).

I am with my parents and she was with one of her aunt i suppose. There were no chance of i going directly to her and getting myself disclosed as Rajeev who chatted with her. I was hoping that somebody in their cubicle will initiate a talk and i can join them, thereby letting her know who i am. But the stupid peoples in their cubicle was in a hurry to finish their dinner and get to sleep. In half an hour after the train started from Shornur, the middle births in her cubicle came down and people were climbing up. She was telling the elder lady with her that she want to sit some more time. But the elder lady wanted to sleep and climbed up the middle birth. Hesiantly she also climbed to the upper birth. For the next one hour i noticed that she was not sleeping. She will lie for sometime, then sit up, look the elder lady in the middle birth, again lie. I was having great plans to make a good friendship between us. But fate was against it. Finally i also decided to go sleep. When i looked she was in deep sleep.

Early morning itself train reached Chennai. Very sadly i saw her getting down from train and going away. Me and my family now started on our way to Saidapet where the interview venue was. And she would be going to Adayar where IIT is. I did ping her after i reached back. I informed her that it was me who was staring at her from the next cubicle. But i never got a reply nor ever she came online. Did she ever see that message?


  1. This is too bad ...U should have taken initiative and spoked to her atleast as a passenger ..thn disclosed the stuffs...

  2. I was not even in her cubicle to initiate a talk. And you know malabar muslims. I cannot tell how they will react to a stranger. Moreover how il handle her aunt? It was better if somebody start a talk and i jointhem and let her know who i am... But i didnt have a chance :-(

  3. mm...I can understand ur situation ....it seems sad that u didnt get a chance to disclose urself....Hope u shall get a chance in future

  4. Gr8 experience n a sad moment to perish.........


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