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Monday, November 9, 2009

A thought

During my childhood days i used to go with my dad in the morning to his industrial during vacations. I stay there till evening and help in the job done there. Initially he used me as a worker where he dont require much mechanical skill. I started with cleaning up the premises, helping other workers get the tools, painting the finished structures etc. He considered me as a mere employee there and scolds me whenever he finds some mistake on my side and never minded whether he is doing it in front of others or not. I felt very bad sometimes. Even though i am his son he embarasses me in front of everybody. Still i got lots of time to rest, play games in the office computer and roam here and there. Moreover got milkshake/juice every evening while going back home. So i never stopped coming.

Gradually he started using me for more heavy works and stuffs which require some mechanical skill. He gave me first some easy stuff to drill, grind etc. And slowly i began to assist a worker in his works which helped a technical skill required to work in such an environment grow in me. Actually i was learning without knowing that i was. In some weeks of such covered training i now knew the basics of all works there. From drilling, grinding to welding, lathe, and hydraulic pressers and lifters. One day he came to me and gave some money in my hand and told me good work done boy. Here is your pay for the work you have done. I became so happy that suddenly i got a reward. And that was my first Salary. These skills helped me so much later in my Engineering course and the way forward.

During those times new guys used to join the industrial as apprentice to learn work. Dad took them and taught them as he taught me. Of course without any salary initially till he feels that the guy is productive. A lot of people are there who became successful studying under him. But now a days nobody is coming to learn industrial work as apprentice. Not even able to get a helper for a daily salary of Rs.100. Even a new boy who wanna join him to learn work demandsRs.100 per day atleast. Why this is happening???

I was not able to enter a job directly after passing my B.Tech since i didnt get a campus placement.  I struggled a lot after reaching Bangalore in search of a job. The time was tough. Moreover my communication skills in english was not even fair those days. So i was without job for almost one year. Worked in an institute for 4months without salary. Moved on to another when i got a contract offer of 6months with pay. And the pay was only 4.5k. 6months passed away like that and i was again jobless. And what i am now is the result of lots of sweat and blood. Finally in a job in my area of interest and a decent salary.

You may be thinking why i narrated my whole boring story of job search in the previous para. Actually an event occured which made me think... Earlier this month i had a job opening in my company and i thought of referring some of the new passouts of my college thinking that it may be of great help to them during this recession period. There were nobody to help in our times... I contacted some of my juniors and through them asked guys to contact me. Some contacted me and out of those one asked me only one question... "Il get a monthly salary of around 20k right...". What the hell was that??? He is not having a job even after one year of passing out and still so much demands. All these guys want jobs with salary 20 and 25k as soon as they pass out. Earlier when i was in bangalore one of my acquaintance who is a Mechanical Engineer was cursing Software Engineers for making Bangalore such a costly place. He was telling that they get so much before even fit to handle that much, donno how to spend or save and live lavishly increasing the cost of everything around including the basic needs. Does a software engineer need this much of pay while there is no people to cultivate in farmlands since they end up in loss? No people available to do skilled engineering works? I think the companies should rethink... Motivating their employees for better performace is good. But it should not be at the cost of ruining the society...

A thought of few seconds put up in this post.... Thank You for your patience. Do give your comments.


  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. Social setup angane aanu....
    Nothing could be done as of now....

  3. This social phenomenon would even take the advantage of India as a low-paid-high-skilled society. Why we need much more money than we require?? This effect would be clearly visible, when we compare the city of Bangalore and Mumbai. When Mumbai handles much higher amount of money than Bangalore daily, Bangalore could be considered as posher city than Mumbai, only due to the fact that more people as mentioned in the post lives in Bangalore.
    Even the Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has to warn the corporates against this socio-economic epidemic in CII meetings. When majority refused, they learned later when the financial downturn began. They had to cut down the salaries or do the lay-offs drastically. This type of culture has to be controlled by the corporate India, or even regulated by Government control.

  4. Can everybody give their opinion on the topic.

  5. gud blog.,n definitely life has made u a gud n strong person now..........
    even m thru d same situation durin recession,m happy wit watever m bein paid........
    but society is combination of al kinda ppl.,its d outsourcin which became a boom in 1990's to 2000's which ended up dumpin our economic status into inhumane status now....
    ppl need money.,sometimes even i feel money is more imp........
    but ur blog reminded me job satisfaction n perfection is more important than tat..........


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