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Monday, August 15, 2011

2G Scam and the Lokpal Bill

Are you using 3G (video call, high speed data download). Majority are not using. And why? Its costly right. But are you using a mobile phone and are able to afford the voice calls you make to your friends and relatives? Now everybody is having a mobile phone and are able to afford it. Have you asked a question why to yourself? Why you are able to afford 2G and not 3G? Haven't the government policy to provide free 2G spectrum helped us get competitive rates? Is the government responsible for some corporates taking advantage of its policy through backdoor approach? Yes of-course some are involved. But can we blame the whole? You are still using UNINOR, TATA, VODAFONE, RELIANCE, AIRCEL etc... Now why don't you yourselves resolve the issue? Why don't you use MNP and leave these service providers. Why don't you join BSNL. 

Definitely corruption is the biggest problem our country is facing. A great majority of our politicians are corrupt.  Court is the place where we go for justice. But may be some of the judges are also corrupt and are buyable. But is it wise to include the Prime Minister and higher judiciary under Lokpal? Don't you understand the consequences? It will result in the instability of the government. It will result in questioning the judgement of the Apex court. If it is so, why don't we make this Lokpal as the king of India? Let him decide on everything. Corruption start from the society. We take bribe and we give bribe for each and everything. I think the solution lies within ourselves. If you are not corrupt, why don't you become a social servant. The Jan Lokpal bill definitely has some points to be included. See the below disputed cases other than the case of inclusion of PM and higher judiciary.

Dear friends... I want your opinions. Put in your comments. Let us put a collective effort and make this a creative forum. 




  1. As an Indian I tired of seeing this degradation of our constitution and the people who are ruling us. Why we require an Italian Mother and her son to rule us. Major beneficiary of the 2G scam is not Mr A Raja or Mrs Kanimozhi. But the major chunk gone to the Italian mother and her son through their pimps Mr Patel and Mr Singh Digvijay. There are people dying of famine, farmers in Vidharba taking suicide as their solution.Still Amethi or Raibarelli are not having proper roads, electricity. Both the constituency was under the Nehru family for more than 60years. After 65years of Independence still we have major chunk of people under poverty. Whom to blame. As per your blog, if we are using only BSNL, then these decision makers will totally destroy BSNL. Please refer what happened to Air India. Air India was not destroyed by its staff. But by a great visionary named Mr Praful Patel. Mr Praful Patel even shared Mr Mallaya's suite or his yacht with KF girls. It is shameful that we are having the decision makers who sell their country's pride, resources and even the country for money, booze and girls. The Joke Pal bill drafted by government gave exemptions to PM, Judiciory, MPs, Elected representatives. Then who will come under this bill. If it is passsed like this, it will be a utter mockery to the people of this country. Who ever opposes this move is a hero to me, even it is Hazare or Narendra Modi.

  2. Some of the points mentioned in this post was that i wanted to share in my blog...

    Im sad that i couldn't present it in a better English like what Mr.Surendran has done in this post


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