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Monday, December 16, 2013

A discussion on Aam Aadmy Party

Given below is the discussion happened on my facebook wall after my post on the spectacular victory of AAP in Delhi polls. Names are made unidentifiable. Links and photos removed for protecting privacy of people who commented.

Do put your opinions

December 8
Big hands for AAP. This is how you make a point. Just complaining about the governance wont do. You have your options in democracy to involve in the process. I hope AAP can climb to power and let them show how they can perform.

  • AR - You don’t need to be in power.
    Opposition plays as good a role in a democracy
    December 8 at 10:01am · Like

  • RD - AR - Agreed. But I am talking about governance. Opposition don't have any role there
    December 8 at 10:03am · Like · 2

  • MN - Copying the comment I made in another post..

    AAP -kye adhikam aayasundaakilla.. Ippo ithu just an 'akkarapacha'.. Once AAP recognize that they have power/presence, they will be equally like any other....
    December 8 at 10:11pm · Like · 1

  • RD  - MNl - My point was - "If u wanna make a difference, involve in the process."
    December 9 at 10:22pm · Like · 1

  • MN - It may not make the difference always.. I respect your point and oblige to it...How do you know that AAP will not make more 2G/Bofors/Tetra/Aadarsh etc ??
    December 10 at 10:29pm · Like

  • BLU - We can't predict what AAP(or any body for that matter) will do in future. But as of today, comparatively they seem far far better than the rest
    December 10 at 11:21pm · Like · 2

  • MN - But BLU, we have not get any chance to support your statement.. They have just started and still to prove. Only thing is that the hype they recvd from the media... Sometimes I felt they are not on practical lines, like striking against Electricity charges hike and holding it.. Then Women Security, Onion price hike etc... They raise the voice or strike, but I think even they are not clear about the solutions to these issues...We are behind AAP, as we get an option other than INC/BJP.. Kejriwal says AAP's ideology/stand is aam aadmi...What is it ? Is it socialism ?
    December 10 at 11:33pm · Like

  • RUP - It is unpredictable and thus debatable that how AAP wil be in the future. But one thing is sure that they have reached the masses without power and money politics.. This is really going to change the way the other political parties look at the common people and what they really bothered about.
    December 10 at 11:43pm · Like · 2

  • MN - hmm.. Lets wait and see.. But preserve some energy to go behind brain of some IIM-ian next time.. 
    December 10 at 11:58pm · Like

  • RD - So let them come to power. And do the needful for reducing onion price, reducing power price and the crimes against woman. Let them prove themselves.
    December 11 at 12:27am · Like

  • AJ MN in Delhi, people have proved that they will go for another option, if there is any. In kerala also people will do the same.. It is foolishness to stick with corrupted parties when there is a better option. At least, it will teach the existing parties a lesson and make them to rethink.
    December 11 at 6:49pm · Like · 1

  • AJ - MN //we have not get any chance to support your statement// better statement is - we have not given them any chance...
    December 11 at 6:52pm · Like

  • MN@All: I'm happy to see such a situation and I will also support it. But I'm against this extra hype AAP recv.. Before Delhi Elections how many supporters were there for AAP outside Delhi ?? If Delhi elections were not there and APP contest for first time in Kerala, no fools would have vote for them...Do you agree ? Here media and social networks are trying to be in the driving seat of democracy.. Enthinu, media hype undaakkiyappol, mullaperiyaar daam pottumennu paranju petteem pack cheythu harthaal aagoshichu veettil irunnavar alle nammal... What happened to it ? Moral of the story: Before we go behind a hype, better evaluate from our side.. Can you answer me, what are the stands of AAP? How they are going to achieve it practically ? Is this a revolutionary movement ? What will be the structure of APP as an organization ? When I have convincing answers for these questions, I will decide to support or not, rather getting provoked on repeating gimics on news channels.. AJ, how do you confirm that APP is better. It's just our wish.. And frankly, still I have faith in Kejriwal as a person and APP as an organization led by him...
    December 11 at 11:40pm · Like · 2

  • BLU - MN - I don't know how relevant are your questions such as what is their stand, organization etc.. for commons? (if you ask these questions about other parties such as INC, BJP etc.. I doubt we still don't have answers or rather convincing answers. I also doubt if these conventional aspects about political party is really needed or if need a re-wamp. AAP was able to connect to people almost similar to the role of a good opposition, lets hope they continue the same even when in power
    December 12 at 8:50pm · Like

  • MN It's like buying a mobile phone with out checking it's spec, but believing that 'it' is the best...
    December 12 at 8:54pm · Like

  • BLU - What good if brochure is good, but after buying, proved none of the spec was true 
    December 12 at 8:58pm · Like · 1

  • MN - BLU, if you are talking abt INC/BJP, their brochure is very open and known to all(good or bad) and there is no chance of people getting fooled...But what you have mentioned is precisely applicable to AAP, as media is contributing to AAP in framing a very good brochure and finally the people might end up in a wrong, misled specification...
    Again clarifying my point, I do not support INC/BJP and I'm not against AAP..And who are commons ? Atleast that be clarified..When all problems of so-called-common's are solved, whether tribal issues like in Attapaadi will be covered ? Do you believe that all people can be satisfied ?
    December 12 at 9:11pm · Edited · Like

  • AJ - MN, Can you answer me, what are the stands of CPIM? How they are going to achieve it practically ?
    December 12 at 9:51pm · Like

  • MN - CPIM stands for socialism - implemented 1957 Bhoonaya bill. Anti-Gloabilisation -- Stood against GAAT, ASEAN agreements..Against Privatization, FDI, Secular, Stood for the working class, tribal people, dalits...etc..etc.. They have been in power and opposition forcing to implement some of these..Meanwhile AJ, you have not answered/clarified any of my questions with regard to AAP. I support you in contributing Rs.100 to AAP, but I'm against your belief that APP is the best option as of now.. One good thing AAP have done is that they used media and technology whereas BJP used Baabri Masjid demolition for their launch...
    December 13 at 10:22pm · Like · 1

  • VINWell Said MN; now AJ your turn to answer the stands of Kangress & AAP. 
    December 14 at 12:37am · Like · 1

  • BLU MN, just curious whats your view on that lady who shouted against TVM cliff house protesters. we(commons) empathize with her...is that incident an indication that popular parties not able to connect to common people and isn't it here where AAP was able to pitch in(the void created by popular parties by their own deeds)
    December 14 at 8:36am · Edited · Like

  • MN BLU, APP emerged as a political party by conducting huge rallies, blocking roads in Delhi on Women security issue, electricity price hike etc... You might have seen many of these on TV. The mass movt after gang rape were more violent than some of the LDF strikes, and even touched national security areas..At that time it might have affected some of the people(I believe, u'll consider them also as so-called commons) living in that locality.. There might have been many 'Sandhyas' during that strikes. So regarding 'Strikes', it is one of the simplest way of protest in a democratic country. Even AAP(staying on the side of so-called commons) did the same... So how your above statement makes AAP different from others? 
    Again, my debate is not for APP Vs CPM.. I am just trying to myself understand/learn more about AAP.. I thought you people will help me....'Common Man' (Aam Aadmi) is just a misnomer... it doesn't have a clear boundary... Many believe that I am a common man and hence AAP will solve my issues..
    23 hours ago · Like

  • STR MN, its time to look for some change rather than blindly believing in old ways of politics. Let us see how aap handles all these issues - even if they can improve 50% that would be a huge achievement considering their exp in the field
    14 hours ago via mobile · Like

  • BLUMN, I am not against protests, but protest or governance or any other measure - if a movement fails to connect to majority of people then it needs rethinking. I hope AAP was able to achieve this in Delhi where as I doubt about other parties.
    14 hours ago · Edited · Like

  • AJ - MN/VIN, The AAP says that the promise of equality and justice that forms a part of the constitution of India and its preamble has not been fulfilled and that the independence of India has replaced enslavement to an oppressive foreign power with that to a political elite. The party claims that the common people of India remain unheard and unseen except when it suits the politicians to consider them. It wants to reverse the way that the accountability of government operates and has taken an interpretation of the Gandhian concept of swaraj as a tenet. It believes that through swaraj the government will be directly accountable to the people instead of higher officials. The swaraj model lays stress on self governance, community building and decentralization. 

    AAP is proposing to introduce four primary policies:

    Jan Lokpal legislation
    Right to Reject
    Right to Recall
    Political decentralisation
    10 hours ago · Like

  • RD - AJ, Right to recall is not a good thing to be included. That will make our governments vulnerable and unstable as the mood of a place can change due to any reason. For eg:- Telangana. This will result in economic slides and lack of stability.
    Right to Reject and lokpal is already almost in the agenda of the current government or EC and steps are taken to bring those things in. 
    Political Decentralisation can be allowed upto a limit. Mr.Kejriwal is asking to withdraw MLA fund and MP fund. He wants local bodies to do everything. See a street light, or water pump of a locality does not consist whole problem of the nation. We have problems in different levels. And it should be addressed in those levels. I anyway agree that funds for gram sabhas should be increased.
    35 minutes ago · Edited · Like

  • MNRD have other views when u made policies clearer.. Also political decentralization was a failure in implementation when Thomas Isac tried it in the form of janakeeyaasoothranam during 1996-2001...
    Guys, I think now we shall conclude.. You people stay/p
    romote for AAP.. I will watch from outside... I wish India be a nation free from manipulation of Politicians, West/other nations, corporates, bureaucrats, land/forest mafias, corrupted officers etc etc... It was good that there was no violence, as in other countries from the people, against the upset govts.. Wish APP not become another kaangress or Baajpa...Thanks for a good discussion...
    31 minutes ago · Like

  • RD - MN, Didnt you miss CPIM in the above list " Wish APP not become another kaangress or Baajpa...". Or deliberately avoided the name. Anyway I am adding. We dont want another CPIM also.
    19 minutes ago · Like

  • MN - 
    18 minutes ago · Like


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