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Thursday, June 19, 2014

My Android Applications


Both my personal and official google login are added in my android. Corresponding logins are used in specific google applications where it applies. Details are given in the below subheadings.

Google Calendar

The Calendar app displays events from each of your Google accounts configured to use with it. I have both my personal and official logins used in calendar. Calendar widget is added to one of my home screens. All my personal and official events gets added in the calendar which automatically comes up in the widget. Upto a limit it helps me to keep work-life balance. And you are familiar about the reminders possible using Calendar.

Google Drive

Easy to upload files directly from the phone to Google Drive now. I use my phone for both official and personal purposes. So there are occasions that I might need to view official files on the go or upload some personal photos during travel. All possible using Google Drive. A new feature supported in google drive is the SCAN feature for which i used CAMSCANNER application earlier. Now we can SCAN documents using the phone camera, crop, adjust and then upload to google drive. Fantastic feature.

Google Keep

I am somebody who forgets small small things and would like to note them down. Was using sticky notes earlier for this purpose and now Google has introduced keep. This also have alarm feature so that you can be reminded of something at exact time. 

Also during official meetings, now I don't take a note book. Note them down in Google keep. Even we can add pictures. Share of a note is also possible

Google Maps

Anybody need an introduction for Google maps? Improving day by day. As a frequent traveler I should admit that it helps me a lot. And recently Google has introduced to save a part of map so that we can avoid the requirement of data during use of maps. Only GPS will do (Not with phones where only A-GPS will work).

Google Mail

I require my personal email on the go. Having a good 3G connection no problem to have that in my mobile.


Are you sharing a rented house where you have shared expenses? Then splitwise is exactly what you need. It offers a perfect way to share your expenses and get it settled. In addition to splitting household bills with rand d mmates, it can also serve you for group vacations or individual spendings. Separate groups can be created for these. Month end splitwise will send you a summary of expenses and settlement report as email.

Expense Manager

A great application to track your income and expenses. You can have different accounts say personal and official. You need to enter your income/expenses immediately or on a daily basis so that you dont forget. Expense manager also has a reminder service to remind you of adding the expenses. You can divide the income and expenses into different categories and see individual category reports. Budgeting is possible for different  categories and you can compare in which category you have lost out in a particular month. Different kind of charts are also available so that we can have a graphical comparison of the same. Reccurring payments can be configured so that we dont need to add it every time it happens. Export of data to CSV format or upload to Google Drive/Dropbox is also supported.

NTES(National Train Enquiry System)

A must for Indians as we all use Indian Railways some or other way. The Indian Railways official app for train enquiry. The earlier version was a crap. But they improved well in the new app and its easy to use and helpful. The new version provides realtime information about trains and stations.

App features include :-

     Spot your train
     Live Station
     Train Schedule
     Trains Between Stations
     Cancelled Trains
     Rescheduled Trains
     Diverted Trains


Freecharge is one of the most convenient way to recharge your mobile, internet or DTH without visiting the retail shops directly. You can use your credit /debit card for making your payments. The application supports all major service providers. In addition, the application provides frequent offers above ones from the service providers; normally as cash back to freecharge credits which can be used later via freecharge.


Line is a free messaging app very popular in many countries but in India. Here people use watsapp more so I use watsapp also. But I like line more. It supports voice calls and video calls in addition to messaging and at the same time remains a very light and fast application. Further to add, a PC version of the application is also available for people who want to use it in PC.

ES File Explorer

ES File Explorer is a free, full-featured file and application manager. It functions as all of these apps in one: file manager, application manager, task killer, download manager, cloud storage client (compatible with Dropbox, Google Drive etc.) and FTP client. It shows thumbnails and has built-in viewer. Its ultimate use comes for root users to manage the file-system.

My Days X

This application is helpful for both ladies and couples equally. Ladies can follow up their period and related information. Once you enter the current period dates, the application would provide you the estimated dates for periods in coming months. And as you enter the start and stop dates for a couple of months, it automatically adjusts the dates as per your cycle length and period length which is calculated by the application. 

You can see your high fertility days in order to get pregnant. This feature is very useful for couples for planning purpose. The calendar also provides you with opportunity to mark several details which would help you for proper planning.


This application gives information about the medicines prescribed to you and your loved ones. It gives details about the side effects of the prescribed medicine too. Equivalent medicines and approximate price of these medicines are also available in this app.

Automate It

Wanna get more out of your phone? Want to make your phone smarter? Automate It is exactly the application you need provided your phone is rooted. It helps to automate various tasks on your smartphone based on triggers and actions. We can define rules to do some actions based on some triggers in our smartphone. The application provides some basic rules by default and provides flexibility for us to define new rules. Also some rules which are popular can be downloaded from internet. Examples of some default rules available are low battery voice warning, quiet at night, normal in morning, enable data with GPS etc. We can enable or diable rules whichever are applicable for us. Please see the Automate It application description to see the list of available triggers and actions


A torch is required for everybody and you need not carry it separately if you have a smartphone with LED flash. This application will make your device a bright torch. It has evolved so much to have minimum memory footprint and battery consumption compared to other applications.


I used to write diary from my childhood times and from the time I started using smartphones I was looking for a good diary which offers good features and at the same time security. After trying out many applications I settled down with this application. Along with the text you write, you can also attach images and audio. A location can be added so that you can remember where exactly the event happened. There is password protection for the diary and as far as the review and comments of the app in Google Play are concerned the data seem to be safe. It has TAGS to organise and classify records. Another innovative thing from the developers is the introduction of 'Flow of Thoughts' which is a way to keep memories linked to each other and organised as continuous conversation. The whole diary can be backed up to google drive


  1. Thankyou Mr.Rajeev, its realy informative. Even though most of these applications are there in my phone, i never ever go through them. Nothing but i don know how these applications are functioning, or how to use it etc etc... Now, after reading your blog,I am thinking why can't I take the advantage of them.
    Really informative..


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