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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

A post movie incident

It was a Saturday. Myself and my friend was coming back home after second show, a Tamil movie. My friend not being a fan of Tamil movie, it was difficult to persuade him to come for it. His earlier bitter experiences with some Tamil movies made it more difficult. But finally i was able to convince him to come with me for the movie. So once the movie finished, we were discussing about the same. My friend liked it and I was happy about it because I will get a company now every time I want to go for a Tamil movie. We came out of theatre to the road and was walking to the bus-stop. I was explaining to him how he was selecting stupid Tamil movies and blaming the whole range of them thereby making sure that he has a positive attitude towards the same going forward. The road was busy with people leaving from the Cinema. Bikes and cars leaving from the theatre as well as those moving in the road made it more intense.

Suddenly two bikes emerged from the opposite direction. They circled a man who seems to be around 24-26 years of age. There were five guys totally, two on one bike and three on another. They looked only around 16-18 years of age and had sticks with them. They started hitting the man with the sticks. Within four hits he fell on ground, two hits on legs, one on the chest and one on his head. He also started bleeding from his skull. They didn't stop. They continued their assault. The man tried to block the hits with his hands but in vain. Hits were coming in all direction and there was nothing the man could do but take it all. One guy was peculiarly targeting his private organ as if the man has raped some close relative of his. After some time the man became unconscious. Still those people continued the assault. 20seconds of assault and the people left in their bikes leaving the man behind in a bloody lump.

The crowd couldn't get involved and help the guy cos everything happened in such a short time frame. After the guys who assaulted the man left on bike, some people among the crowd carried him to the hospital. I bet that he cannot su su atleast for two weeks. People normally thinks that if a person is getting assaulted by some people, he would have done something worth it. May be or may be not. But finally one should understand that violence is not the solution for anything. Assume yourself in his place, and you would expect help from others.

"Therefore whatever you desire for men to do to you, you shall also do to them" - Mathew 7:12

1 comment:

  1. Ur expectation abt SU SU is 100% correct, i doubt if tat guy is stil alive...........
    I expected u guys to stop d whole act by those bikewala's......... u disappointed..........


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