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Sunday, September 12, 2010


The logo of 2010 Commonwealth GamesImage via Wikipedia

The commonwealth games 2010 is scheduled to be Held in New Delhi this October.The opening ceremony being on 3rd of October, is Delhi ready for the same? Let us take a look.

CORRUPTION - The December 2003 estimate for the hosting of CWG was $500million. But India has already spent $4.6billion on it. Around 10 times of the initial estimate. We hear news regarding corruption by politicians and officials in name of CWG.

DELAYS - Delays for the construction, bidding, why to tell even in the preparation and rehearsal for the opening ceremony which is twenty days away.

RAIN - Heavy rainfall recorded in Delhi as well as the surrounding states like Haryana, UP and Punjab from where water if flowing to Yamuna flooding the low lying areas of Delhi. Moreover a dam in Haryana was opened recently cos of heavy rainfall adding to the floods in the surrounding areas of Yamuna.

ROADS - Roads connecting different parts of Delhi is still worse. They are not enough to contain the traffic of Delhi. Moreover the games so near, still the roads are full of gutters. Roads collapsing in some areas. In some places construction materials scattered on road. Most of the places no proper drainage systems there and the roads are under water due to the heavy rainfall recorded.

DENGUE - Digging and constructions in Delhi followed by heavy rain has made optimum circumstances for breeding of mosquitoes. About 400 confirmed cases of Dengue are reported in Delhi as of now.

METRO RAIL - In these years no metro rail line has been constructed to the airport. The best transport in Delhi is not available for people landing here for the CWG.

PUBLIC - There is no action from the government to involve common people of Delhi in the games.There is no participation from the natives of Delhi nor they seems not interested in the same. Moreover the government has failed in inducing civic sense in public on the event of CWG. Still spitting, littering and urinating in public places going on.

WITHDRAWAL BY PARTICIPANTS - Some of the participants who were suppose to attend the event has withdrawn due to the above problems and security concern.


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