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Sunday, July 4, 2010

Football Mania

I was in Delhi when the world cup football started. It was for an on-site work at Delhi International Airport. There were no signs of people having any enthusiasm about Football. Half a way into the matches, still people were not ready to leave the workplace. I struggled little bit to get out from there and reach the hotel room to watch the matches.

Coming back to my native the scenario was different. I reached back around the end of the group games. There were flags and banners on the roads supporting all the major teams. The places were temporarily renamed as Argentina Junction, Brazil Nagar etc. Football grounds were named as Spainfield, Samba Ground etc. There were huge cutouts of players like Messi, Kakka and Rooney. Flex boards supporting various teams was there everywhere. Sentences challenging other teams or players of other team were on the flex boards. Its heard that flex board business in malabar area in this season has gone to many lakhs. There were huge screens showing football matches in several locations in Kozhikode like Kuttichira, Puthiyapaalam and so on. Even some of the movie theaters in malabar were showing football matches.

The heights of football interest can be heard more than seen. Every home will shout its own football interest. We can hear "Tsaminamina eh eh Waka Waka eh eh" from everywhere. Personal interest can also be measured from mobile ringtones. Waka Waka has got into mobile callertunes and ringtones all over kerala. We can even see football maniacs with tattoos of flags on body, face etc and hair colored.

Other than Kerala, states like Goa and West Bengal only have little enthusiasm towards football. Rest of the country is still stuck on Cricket. In a country with a population more than 100 crores we are good only in cricket. We have only one medal in Olympics. So i am going to say the reason for it which everybody knows. The main reason is that only cricket is celebrated in this country. Secondarily in India sports and games are not taken as a carrier. Government dont have any programmes to promote sports and games. Only thing they are doing is giving jobs in sport quota. I believe this is another reason of our sports and games to become this much weak. Once a sportsman get a job, he forgets about sports and games. No more effort put in that and they get busy in job and family matters. What can be done to improve this? You people suggest...

I am asking a question which every football fan in India have in their mind. "WHEN WILL INDIA PLAY WORLD CUP FOOTBALL?" My target is 2022. Team India :-)


  1. This world cup i support Spain :-)

  2. And this blog celebrates my 1year of blogging. Thank You Readers

  3. i think for Indian team to participate in world cup still need 15 to 16 yrs(if they get good coach and support from government). so probably they may go for world cup in the year 2026.

  4. Mate let me tell you preseason or friendly games mean absolutely nothing zip nil nought. Most teams do not get out of first gear and my experience over 50 odd years tells me the team who perceives themselves to be in the lower grade or division will certainly play harder and think a win be more significant to them. I am not surprised that the Premier league teams placed little importance on these games other than a good run around. Proof will be during the H and A season. I predict as history shows the team coming up Beachside will finish last in 2011 by a long margin not even close. Goodluck to them but no shot


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