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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Computer Vision Syndrome

You work for more than 5hours in front of computer? You have burning sensation in eyes? Eye pain or headache? Difficulty in focusing? Then it could be "Computer Vision Syndrome" which happens due to constant refocusing of eyes when working in front of a computer. 

An anti-reflective coating (AR Coat/Anti-Glare) on the lenses of glasses will reduce the glare coming at you and from behind you that causes eyestrain. Proper lighting should be there in your work place. Glare is created by reflections from the computer screen, bright light coming in from outside, and bright light inside. Lighting used in most offices are more than that required for working in front of computers. Using fewer light bulbs or florescent bulbs or use lower intensity bulbs can reduce glare caused by overhead lighting. 

Look away from the computer screen every 20 minutes and focus on a distant object for sometime or get up and take a short walk. Take a small break and wash your eyes with clean cold water every two hours to reduce eyestrain.  Staring at the computer reduces the blink rate, about 5 times less than normal which causes dryness in eyes. Taking frequent breaks allows normal blinking and better wetting of the eyes. Office buildings tend to be dry environments that also reduce tearing. Artificial tears or eye drops will help reduce dryness. Modify your work area, monitor and chair height for proper posture to avoid head, neck, shoulder and neck pain. Place your monitor directly in front of you, not off to one side. It should be about 20 to 26 inches away from you. Make sure your monitor is just right for you, not too high and not too low. Adjust the contrast between the background and the characters on the screen by adjusting the brightness on your computer screen.

If you are having any of the above problems see your eye doctor immediately.

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